Since ancient times, natural stone has been the main building material, as evidenced by stone buildings, temples, cathedrals, and shrines, and due to the property of stone being stable. These stone buildings have been standing for centuries and exude beauty and splendor, so natural stone must certainly and undoubtedly be a part of every modern building.

Natural stone can be used in architecture as a block or in slabs for coating surfaces, both outside and inside, whether they are horizontal or vertical surfaces. Therefore, you can line the facade or walls with natural stone and thus provide maximum insulation from weather and noise.

in addition to . Natural stone itself is resistant to high and low temperatures Stone floors have always been a symbol of luxury. This is not a coincidence, because natural stone has been an expensive material throughout history, and it was very difficult to obtain it, due to the lack of technology and transportation machinery. Hence, only the courtyards or palaces had stone floors polished so skillfully, that such sophistication and elegance was associated with stone as an architectural element. Today you can have natural stone in your home, thanks to the well-developed market network and fast transportation, so your home can also have a piece of old mansions. In addition, the price of natural stone is affordable for everyone, especially if you have direct contact with quarries, as you get the stone without mediation.

Natural stone can have a decorative function. Such as crushed stone or CNC decorative stone, which can be used in combination with other materials or as part of a unique interior design. It can be used for wall cladding, columns and various surfaces to decorate the atmosphere and give them a rustic feel.

Depending on the type of processing, natural stone can be polished and filled (cracks are filled for durability). Natural stone is preferred (especially if limestone is your choice for the facade) Natural stone is a necessary architectural element, not only because of its functionality, but also

Because of its exquisite decoration and artistic value. In addition to all that, natural stone meets all environmental standards, so its presence in your environment is a no-brainer

It disturbs the balance of nature, but rather increases your home beauty…

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