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About marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock, it used to be another type of stone, and then it was transformed by changing circumstances. Before marble becomes marble, it is the first limestone that forms on the shores and floors of tropical seas. Limestone is an accumulation of shells, shell fragments, microscopically tiny shells, and dissolved shells.

Depending on the conditions on a particular beach or sea, the sedimentary layer of limestone may be interrupted by occasional layers of clay or lenses of sand. But to a large extent, limestone is an assortment of shell remains that are made from the mineral calcite.
As a natural material, marble was widespread in the ancient period, and is associated with buildings from this era, but also with sculptures. It is used all over the world, so it is one of the most beautiful and luxurious buildings of all time – the Taj Mahal, completely carved from marble.
Pure white marble is formed by metamorphosis of very pure limestone. It may contain impurities of clay, sand, iron oxide or other substances, visible in the form of small veins or streaks. Such impurities can be recrystallized by intense pressure and heating.
The marble used in construction usually consists of calcite, dolomite and serpentine that can be polished. The texture of marble depends on its size, shape and uniformity of grains, which can be visible up to several millimeters, and therefore there are fine-grained and coarse-grained marbles, with uneven or uniform grain size.

Arabescato marble

Country of origin: Italy
This type of marble is characterized by being designed in many different shapes, and its light white color is interspersed with dark gray lines that give it an attractive and wonderful look. This marble is also resistant to abrasion and can be used in various applications and purposes, from floors to walls and various surfaces.

Botticino marble

Country of origin: Italy
It is a light beige marble with light and uneven patterns. This marble is characterized by elegance and sophistication, and it is usually used in the design of floors and walls in the interior decoration of hotels and luxury homes.
Botticino marble is suitable for outdoor use, where it can often be found as paving, cladding, stairs, and decks. It is pressure and abrasion resistant, and will stand the test of time even under heavy foot traffic.


Emprador marble

Emprador marble
Country of origin: Türkiye
This marble provides a sense of warmth and luxury to any domestic or commercial setting. A light coffee color with occasional lighter veining providing unique interest to each tile. A versatile tone that can be easily paired with a myriad of different color finishes., Use this collection to create beautiful marble tile floors, backsplashes, feature walls, and other features throughout homes and commercial properties.

Border beige marble (uno) Border beige marble (uno)

Border beige marble (uno)

Border beige marble (uno)
Country of origin: Türkiye
This marble is used in floors, countertops, walls and other interior design projects due to its beautiful appearance and durability, it is especially preferred in commercial buildings such as shopping malls, large hotels and complexes. The quality of the polish brings vibrancy and brightness to the material and visually enlarges the application areas. It is one of the most popular types of marble in projects all over the world, especially in Middle Eastern countries.

silver-travertine silver-travertine

Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine: It differs from regular travertine with its color that combines blue and gray, resembling a silver mixture. It is characterized by its strength and high resistance to corrosion, but it requires care. It is used in various forms in bathrooms, floors, rooms, and more.

Lilac Lilac


Lilac: It is one of the most distinctive and captivating colors, as it combines white with a hint of purple and a touch of lavender. It is classified based on the density of veins. Its quality is high, and it features unique details. It is used in walls, bathrooms, and floors.


Moonstone: If you prefer calm colors, you will be drawn to Moonstone because it is versatile and gives a beautiful and harmonious impression.

Diana Royal Diana Royal

Diana Royal

Diana Royal: From the beige color and patterns, the finest shapes are created, as it adds elegance and ease in coordination and selection. You are always amazed by it anew. It is used in floors, walls, and more.

Carrara marble

Country of origin: Türkiye
Carrara marble is distinguished by its white color and the presence of dark gray veins, which withstand heat and pressure and give a touch of elegance.

Pietra Gray marble

Country of origin: Türkiye
It is a natural stone with a light gray to dark gray background with narrow and wide white veins. Because of its special colour, this stone has great hardness and is therefore used in many cases.
It will give a contemporary look to your projects. Pietra Gray marble has been the top choice for interior designers and homeowners for many years.

Nero marquina marble

It is an amazing combination of dark black with white veins. It is available in polished finishes in both tiles and slabs and is recommended for indoor and outdoor use in areas with freezing climates for projects including landscaping, flooring, countertops and walls.

Marble Wood Vein

It is characterized by the shape of fine and regular wooden grains. The color is very similar to real wood. Straight lines can be mixed both horizontally and vertically. Hardness, luster, and durability unmatched by any wood. It has the elegance of high-quality wood materials and is suitable for any project’s interior decoration.