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Lime Stone

Limestone is very common in architecture, used in construction, and does not leave residue when treated with acids. Marble, which is a metamorphosed calcareous rock, is one of the most desirable stones in construction of all kinds.

Limera marble

Country of origin: Türkiye
Limra marble is characterized by pure whiteness, elegance, attractiveness, and color homogeneity that does not cause any problems in color difference during installation. It is also considered one of the favorite stones that do not absorb heat, but rather expel it, as it reflects the sun’s rays and does not absorb them; It is preferred in hot places, this stone fits all modern designs, and makes the facade of your home a distinctive one.


Moca Cream

Moca Cream Portugese Limestone is a fine-grained piece of natural stone that is known for its consistent character. It lends a uniform and soothing veneer that adds to the elegance of any interior space.