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Marble is certainly the most famous type of stone used to decorate interiors and exteriors

Granite as a material is certainly the most grateful for its use in construction


Onyx, or jaz’ al-onyx, is a gemstone that is polished in various colors such as white with yellow, red, and black hues. It is often found in rectangular shapes and is similar in composition to agate. Some of its names include jaz’, jaz’ al-aqiq, aqiq al-‘aini, jaz’ Dhofar, and powdered onyx. Onyx powder is used to enhance the color of gemstones such as sapphire.

Limestone is very common in architecture, used in construction, and does not leave residue when treated with acids. Marble, which is a metamorphosed calcareous rock, is one of the most desirable stones in construction of all kinds.